Course curriculum

    1. Numbers

    2. Column width and row height

    3. Dates and times

    4. Select cells to enter data quickly

    1. Save workbook

    2. Benefits of saving a workbook in the cloud

    1. Basic formatting

    2. Tables

    3. Insert rows and columns

    4. Copy and move

    5. Conditional formatting

    6. Hide rows and columns

    7. Find and replace

    1. Status bar for basic metrics

    2. Enter a basic formula with addition and subtraction

    3. Repeat formulas

    4. Relative and absolute references

    5. Division

    6. Order of operations

    7. Common functions, including SUM, MAX, MIN, COUNT, and AVERAGE

    8. VLOOKUP function

    9. XLOOKUP function

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  • 2 hours of video content

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